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Are you feeling like an outsider in your own country?

Surrounded by people who speak  different languages, who have different values than you, who are a threat to your peaceful existence?

Are you tired of seeing the ads that promote anti-white hatred, by media like NetFlix with their shows like “Dear White People” and their propaganda to push homosexuality and bestiality on children with their show “Big Mouth”?

Are you sick and tired of seeing the MainStream Media (MSM) push their anti-white narrative and anti-white propaganda, whipping illegal immigrants and blacks into mobs that attack white people, then watching the stories of black-on-white and illegal-immigrant-on-white crime being ignored by the same MSM?

I’m here to tell you something.

You are not alone.

There are millions of people who feel the same way you feel

As someone who’s worked extensively in the television and film industry for years, I’ve witnessed the anti-white hatred and politically-correct propaganda being pushed as normal.

In fact, I was waist-deep in the industry.  You could say I was waist deep in the waste of propaganda that these mindless liberals are promoting.

As a well-educated white male, I was the target of abuse, ridicule, racism, sexism, crime, all because of my race, and I kept quiet in order to keep my job in the “entertainment industry”.

Like you, I was surrounded and outnumbered by people who pulled the strings, the white-male-hating feminists in HR (Human Resources) who signed my paychecks, the people in “positions of power” …

I know what it’s like to be waist deep in the waste of propaganda that’s being pushed like a slow-moving tidal wave by the MainStream Media (MSM) and the “people in power”.

As I’m witnessing the collapse of civilization, spurred on by the orchestrated collapse of conservative Christian values, all around us, I am finding a way out.

I’m going to share exactly, step by step, how I’m finding a way out of this mess, so you can find a way out, too.

At this point, it is impossible to change the environment that we are in and it is impossible to prevent the collapse of Western civilization …

But it is possible to find a safe country to live, where traditional, Christian values are practiced, enjoyed, and celebrated.

I’m going to share strategies and information that you can use to …

1.  Find a safe country to live, where traditional Christian values are practiced, enjoyed, and celebrated 

2.  Find a safe country to live that is immigrant free

3.  Start a business using your God-given skills, one that will enable you to work from anywhere in the world

4.  Enjoy your life and find freedom … health freedom and financial freedom

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God Bless You and talk to you soon!

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