Somali Muslims Kidnap 13-year old girl after Murdering her Parents – Barron, Wisconsin

Somali Muslims Kidnapped a Jayme Closs, a 13-year old girl, after murdering her parents. The girl was recently spotted in Miami, Florida, lending evidence that she is now being trafficked as a sex slave.

The murder and kidnapping happened in the small, once peaceful, town of Barron, Wisconsin, in the United States of America.

(As the Jews In Positions Of Power (JIPOPs) flood America and Europe with the violent, low-IQ, immoral immigrants, crimes like these are skyrocketing all over America, England, Germany, France, and Sweden.)

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The story took a turn just hours later when a tipster called police about a possible sighting of Jayme Closs in Florida.

The tipster said they saw a teen matching Closs’ description at a gas station in Miami between 2 and 3 p.m. She was riding in a car with two “well dressed, Middle Eastern men” who appeared to be in their 30’s, according to WAOW. The men were described as being between 5’7 and 5’9, weighing between 200 and 250 pounds, and sporting beards, Local 10 reported.

The tipster said the three were in a black Ford Explorer with the Wisconsin license plate 160 WER.

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This is a situation that MainStream Media (MSM) is ignoring. Do a Google search of “somali muslims kidnap 13-year old girl after murdering her parents” and nothing will come up. Google is run by jews-who-hate-white-people. Google? More like JewGle.

This girl was kidnapped, possibly (although not confirmed, based on assumptions by people living nearby) by Somali Muslims in the town of Barren in northern Wisconsin. Her parents were killed in their home. Her name is Jayme Closs. She was last spotted in Miami Florida with the kidnappers, (suggesting this is sex-trade related) the vehicle is a BLACK FORD EXPLORER license plate WI I60WER between NW27th St Ave and 11 ST.

There is a reward for both the police and close friends. The human sewage that Obama imported into our country are behaving as expected, by what we learned from Europe.

I don’t get emotional often when reporting news, but actually tearing up typing this.. It’s too close to home. Please help. Share and repost.. Don’t let it end like this.

Amber Alert for 13-year old Wisconsin Girl – last spotted in Miami, FL

(CNN) A 13-year-old girl is missing and believed in danger after her parents were found slain in their northwestern Wisconsin home, authorities are repotting as saying.

2 Adults Found Dead in Barron, Wisconsin – Teenage Daughter Kidnapped

BARRON, Wis. (WEAU) – The 13-year-old girl who disappeared after her parents were found dead in Barron County, WI has been possibly spotted in Miami. Barron is a small town in rural northern Wisconsin with a population of 3,423. It was once peaceful and safe, and full of naive whites who don’t know the dangers of mudslides. Barron has had over 500 Somali muslims dumped into it by the Obama administration — a very common practice.

Hundreds of Somalians Seeking Free Housing in America

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